Catholic Requiem Mass Celebrated Monthly
St Patrick's Catholic Church
New Orleans, Louisiana USA

Your deceased family, friends and enemies, are remembered when you attend, offer, and write their names in the Memorial Book that is placed on the altar during the Requiem Mass for the repose of their souls.

Only God knows the state of a soul at death, with His Justice served for that Soul. While we hope and pray that your family, friends and enemies, are in Heaven, it is everyone's responsibility to assist the Poor Souls as part of our prayer life.

The more you pray for the Poor Souls while on this earth, the more the prayers offered for you when you are a Poor Soul helps your soul get to Heaven. We truly reap what we sow.

The Requiem Mass will bring your loved ones closer to God on their way to Heaven as your soul is comforted with the beauty of the Requiem Mass.

Visitors are always welcome since we all have loved ones (and enemies, remember?) who have passed on and may need our help. If your loved one, or enemy, is in Heaven, Our Lord will share your Requiem Mass with another Poor Soul who he deems needs the Love and comfort.

How To Follow the Requiem Mass

Latin-English Booklet MissalThe Latin English Booklet Missal for Praying the Traditional Requiem Mass

Booklets are provided when you arrive at St Patrick's Catholic Church to pray the Rosary or attend the Requiem Mass.

Song sheets in Latin are also provided for you to sing with the St Patrick's Choir.

Upon arriving, please write your family, friend or enemies name(s) in the Memorial Book on the table in the Vestibule that is placed next to the altar during the Requiem Mass.

You only need to write their name in the Memorial Book one time, for thereafter, it is always in the Memorial Book. Please understand, if you have the opportunity to attend the Requiem Mass, there is more Love you offering because you are there in person.

If you made a donation, in lieu of your being able to attend the Requiem Mass in person, please pray during the same hour of the Requiem Mass to join us in spirit.

Please pray for more people, especially those who are hurting since a loved one has passed, to share in this very special and beautiful Mass.

November 2, 2018

All Souls Day November 2, 2018


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